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Kid's Birthday Party
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Kid's Parties!

At Art Lab Owensboro we love to party! When your big kid parties with us, you get two hours party time, plus 15 minutes of set up if you want it! During this time, we will complete a project of your choice!  Need help deciding what to do?  See the list on the right.  Not on the list?  Message me for help developing your idea!

There are a variety of ways for kids to express themselves artistically at art lab.  We can do canvases, the favorite, pillow cases, cardboard sculptures, self-portraits, and painting without brushes.

In addition to traditional "art" parties, I have done STEM parties as well.  We have electric circuits, engineering supplies, and dominos.  The domino STEM challenge is very popular!

and then there is science? Well, if you do it here, the mess stays here!

I structure the activities to take an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half.  For art projects, we do them first so they have time to dry while you do gifts and cake.  

I have plenty of space for you to allow family to come in addition to child guests, and I have tables for food and gifts as well.

Not only do you get the convenience of a party space, but I also make a keepsake gift for the celebrated child!




Super Heroes




Ice Queen


Outer Space



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