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Kid's Parties!

At Art Lab Owensboro, we're passionate about making your child's birthday an unforgettable experience! Imagine a place where creativity and fun merge to create the perfect celebration for your little one.

Here's what we offer for an amazing two-hour party extravaganza:

  • Personalized Party Planning: Choose from a diverse range of exciting art projects (like vibrant canvas paintings, imaginative pillowcases, unique cardboard sculptures, expressive self-portraits, and even painting without brushes!). Need inspiration? Check out our idea list or contact us to craft a custom project that mirrors your child's imagination.

  • STEM Adventure Parties: For the curious and inventive minds, we offer STEM-themed parties! Watch their eyes light up with activities involving electric circuits, engineering challenges, and the ever-popular domino STEM challenge. It's learning disguised as fun!

  • Slime Magic: Dive into the ooey-gooey world of slime-making where art meets science! And the best part? We handle all the mess, so you don't have to.

  • Structured Fun: We perfectly time our activities to ensure there's ample time for art, celebration, and drying time for those masterpieces. This leaves your guests free to enjoy gift-giving and cake time while their artwork sets.

  • Spacious Celebration: Our venue is not just about art; it's a gathering place. We have ample room to accommodate family members alongside your child's friends. Plus, we've got all your needs covered with tables for food and gifts.

  • Special Keepsake Gift: To top off the celebration, the birthday child receives a special keepsake gift from us - a memento of their fantastic party at Art Lab Owensboro.

At Art Lab Owensboro, we believe in making birthday parties not just fun, but memorable, creative, and hassle-free for parents. Join us in celebrating your child's special day in the most artistic and joyful way!



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