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Art Lab Owensboro exists to provide high quality art and STEM activities to children.  We have structured the lab for flexibility to provide opportunities that will work for almost everyone.   We have everything from one time experiences, weekly lessons,  and private parties.  Keep exploring for more details!

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Art and STEM?

Why choose to make an Art Studio/STEM Lab combination?

At Art Lab, we hold the belief that art and science are mutually enriching disciplines. Art draws strength from the principles of process, methodology, consistency, and the spirit of experimentation. On the other hand, STEM fields gain from the infusion of creativity, adaptability, and the ability to think divergently. It's evident that both art and STEM demand a substantial set of skills, including keen observation, proficiency in processes, unwavering concentration, and adept problem-solving abilities.

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How Can I Participate?


Open Lab

Open Lab is a time where the parent/guardian leads their child through planned activities.  Each month new activities are provided. General art supplies and STEM toys are always available for use. If incase you don't have the materials needed for school project, we do! Just bring your poster board and come on in!

We also have crafts for kids to do independently.  Examples are wooden figurines, door hangings, dioramas and trinket boxes. The cost is $15 per participant.

Open lab time will vary by week so be sure to check the schedule.  



In the interest of maximizing opportunities, classes will meet weekly for six weeks.  While some offerings will be narrow in scope (like color theory or electric circuits), other classes will be meant to explore both Art and STEM through an immersive  theme (like "Under the Sea.")


One-Time Experiences

Maybe your schedule won't allow for a commitment to a class, but we will have an event for you!  We have mini camps each time there is a break in the school year, and we offer summer camps multiple weeks during June and July.

Activities will change by season and interests and be available for kids, teens, and adults!


Parties and Social

We like to offer experiences that meet what YOU need.  We offer birthday parties, home school groups, church socials and civic club experiences.  We can help with scout badges, fundraisers, and workshops.

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