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Art Lab Owensboro exists to provide high quality art and STEM activities to children.  We have structured the lab for flexibility to provide opportunities that will work for almost everyone.   We have everything from one time experiences, weekly lessons,  and private parties.  Keep exploring for more details!

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Art and STEM?

Why choose to make an Art Studio/STEM Lab combination?

At Art Lab, we believe that both art and science need each other.   Art benefits from knowledge of process, procedures, consistency and experimentation.  STEM areas benefit from creativity, flexibility, and divergent thinking.  Both Art and STEM use a considerable amount of skills like observation, process skills, concentration and problem solving.


How Can I Participate?


Open Lab

A monthly subscription services gives you open access to the  lab, materials, working space and help with your projects. Parent supervision required.

Cost for one time visit is $10/child.

Open lab time will vary by week so be sure to check the schedule.  



In the interest of maximizing opportunities, classes will meet weekly for six weeks.  While some offerings will be narrow in scope (like color theory or electric circuits), other classes will be meant to explore both Art and STEM through a fun theme (like "Under the Sea.")


One-Time Experiences

Maybe your schedule won't allow for a commitment to a class or subscription, but we will have an event for you!  Activities will change by season and interests and be available for kids, teens, and adults!

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