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First Blog Post

I have decided to start this blog now because it is never a good time. My aim is to be helpful. I am not an expert at anything, but I do have some experience in LOTS of things. Mostly I try to find the easiest way to do mom stuff and not break my kids. I'm not sure what you will find here, but I am not giving advice. I will only share my experiences. I tell my kids "There are a thousand ways to do just about everything. Here's how I do it, but you are welcome to find what works for you." So "when I say the best way to ...", "what I mean is the best way I have found for me to..." Most of what I have to say comes from me thinking WAY too much about how to make things easier. Maybe I'm lazy, but I think I am just trying to squeeze one more important thing into my day.

Today's life hack is a sanity saver and a time saver for me. Everyone in my family has different colored clothes hangers. When it is time to sort out clothes to be put away, everyone takes their color.

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